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RSI is a non-profit organization formed in 1985 with

the stated objective to promote the application of

Best Available Science (BAS)

leading to

Metrics for Evaluation of Scientific Claims (MESC),

particularly in governmental actions and the public media.

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TIMC: Technical Information Management Center Workshops and Meetings

Workshops provide an opportunity for members of the scientific and engineering communities to interact and participate in technical issues. Normally, workshops deal with a specific topic and are intended to provide a forum to identify areas of agreement and disagreement. Workshops organized by the Institute for Regulatory Science (RSI) cover emerging or contested areas of science; technical issues of social concern; scientific issues of anticipated regulations; and technical foundations of conflicting regulations or regulatory interpretations. RSI encourages the participation of stakeholders in its workshops, and in certain cases, organizes workshops entirely for the benefit of stakeholders. 


These workshops provide an opportunity to present and discuss the details of a scientific or engineering topic. They are useful as they can bring a limited number of individuals together for reasonably comprehensive coverage of a specific topic. The published results of these workshops are often most valuable since they provide the status of a specific topic.


The technical program of each workshop is developed and managed by a Technical Program Committee. Members of the Technical Program Committee are appointed by the President of RSI in accordance with requirements of cooperating professional societies and sponsoring agencies. In addition, the Technical Program Committee is responsible for the development of topics for presentations and discussion.


Each workshop deals with specific topics. These topics are identified with reasonable specificity by the Technical Program Committee, and are provided to all participants. All participants, including stakeholders, are required to limit their questions and comments to workshop topics.


The RSI web site at includes relevant information for each workshop.


All participants in the workshop are required to register. Registration implies compliance with rules governing conduct in a professional society meeting. Normally, during registration, the individual desiring to participate in a workshop provides personal information to be included in the registration database.

Registration package

During this process, the attendee receives a registration package consisting of a name tag and informational materials.

Name tag: The name tag is prepared either in advance or during the on-site registration. It must be worn during the time the individual participates in the meeting.

Informational materials: The registration package includes the Project Summary, the listing of topics to be discussed, and other project-specific information. If stakeholders are included in the workshop, the registration package also contains a manual of stakeholder participation and a questionnaire to be completed by the participants.