Our Technical Information Management Center provides large-scale information management services to government at all levels, academia, and industry. Although our goal is to prepare information for the benefit of the public, we strongly consider the desires of the intended users. 

The Center has published a Manual for Independent Peer review and Independent Scientific Assessment; a Procedures Manual,; and has been the principal producer of the reports resulting for Independent Peer Reviews and Independents Scientific Assessments.

The Center has been involved in editing scientific journals. In order to accommodate those involved in scientific publishing the Center has prepared relevant in formation and Editorial Guides for guest editors, authors, and reviewers, and distributed them widely 

The Center organizes Workshops and Meetings with the objective to produce a useful and credible document. The level of distribution of these documents is generally determined by the desire of the sponsor. Typically, the peer-reviewed and edited results of these events are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals

The Center encourages stakeholder participation in activities that include scientific components. Our experience shows that providing independent and credible scientific information reduces the anxiety of affected individuals and communities. We have published both a Manual for Public and Stakeholder Participation and Stakeholder Participation Reports resulting from the application of the Manual